The regional association for education through arts” AmeSea"
In cooperation with

6th October University, Egypt

Are proud to announce 1st InSea Africa and Middle East Regional Congress
International Conference

Creativity and dialogue of cultures

Cairo 3rd to 6th April 2016
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to be part of the Amesea 1st regional Congress to be held 3-6 April, 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. The famous O6U has been purposefully selected as the venue for this first regional art congress to provide a stimulating backdrop for exploring and examining the theme: creativity and dialogue of cultures .Recent decades have seen the greatest transition in visual culture in history. The global movements of refugees, migration, the free information and the internet have changed the cultural mix in societies providing the visual arts and visual arts education with both challenges and opportunities. We need those different cultures to meet with Integration.
How can we meet these new contexts? What should we preserve and why? What roles should the visual arts play to achieve that? Should the celebration of diversity be at the core of the visual arts in dealing with these challenges and opportunities? What are the implications for the way we teach and what we teach in schools and universities and for creative practice?
Located in Cairo dessert and few kilometers from the pyramids, this Congress will consider and demonstrate creativity, celebrating the innovations of the present against the backdrop of the past, including how Amesea is committed to ensuring that every child in all schools has equal access to a well-rounded education of which the arts are a central component.
We want to hear, discuss and exchange stories of innovative practice and research, to learn from each other and make a difference in our own educational settings and practices.

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